• Getting the most out of your bachelor pad:

    Since graduating college 10 years ago I've been on a constantly evolving pursuit to create the ultimate bachelor pad. The advice found on this Blog comes from my real life experiences and is a summary of all the things I've learned along the way.

    The advice found here is for guys who have champagne taste but live on a beer budget. Guys looking for advice to upgrade and make the most out of their bachelor pad. The following advice (sometimes obvious) dispensed will make your bachelor pad look high style without the high price tag. Our goal is to make you proud and confident of your place.

Reference Guide

Sometimes you don’t have all the answers, or want more information on a subject.  That’s why listed below is a list of websites that are focused on a particular niche.  These sites are great for generating ideas, finding products, learning about products, and being up to date with the latest gadgets for your Bachelor pad. … Continue reading

Bachelor Pad Gadgets

Every bachelor pad must have a few essential gadgets.  You don’t need a rotating bed, or a disco ball that drops from your ceiling, or a robot that can mix martinis to impress people; you may just scare them away.  Gadgets are there to make our life easier, and impress guests.  Some gadgets are complex, … Continue reading

What to look for and watch out for when looking for a bachelor pad

Graduating from college, leaving home for the first time, moving out of the dorm or has mom and dad’s basement gotten to be too much for you?  This is what to look for and also what to avoid when finding a new bachelor pad or moving into an apartment for the first time.  This advice … Continue reading

Painting 101

Painting 101 When it comes to bang for buck, there is no better way to transform a room in your bachelor pad than by coat of paint. Painting is probably one of the most underrated decorating tools to give a room, apartment, or home a personality. You can have the perfect furniture, rugs, mantiques and … Continue reading

Lobster Mac and Cheese

If you love lobster, and Mac & Cheese this recipe is for you.  This will surly impress anyone who visits your bachelor pad.  All great recipes take time, and this one does take a bit of time and patience.  It requires a few essential ingredients so make sure you have them all before starting.  The … Continue reading

Must have snacks

Living on your own is great, until you realize there’s nothing to snack on in your bachelor pad, and you get HUNGRY.  Some guys starve until they go get food at a fast food place, or until the delivery guy shows up.  Don’t be that guy.  You’ll end up gaining a lot weight and ordering … Continue reading

Rugs, and why you should consider one!

So you want to talk rugs? Great! No, no, no…I’m not talking about that hairpiece your uncle Herschel wears. I’m talking about one of the most understated accent pieces you can add to your bachelor pad. Rugs add color, texture, spacial sense and continuity to a room, a must have item. When used correctly, rugs … Continue reading

MANdatory items!

Once you receive the keys to your  bachelor pad there are 6 mandatory items you’ll need.  These are must have items to have in place even before setting down a piece of furniture, hanging a picture, or opening a box.  Be prepared. Fire extinguisher:  It’s better to have and now want, than too want and … Continue reading

Making the most of your Patio or Balcony

The bachelor pad patio or balcony: The patio/balcony is one of the most over looked parts of any bachelor pad, and that’s going to change.  Most people never fully use their patio/balcony because they don’t have a reason too.  The patio is sometimes used as a place to smoke, store large items, or place a … Continue reading

BBQ basics

Chef Ig here to give a little guidance for your Bachelor Pad cooking forays.  Please take this advice with a few grains of salt (because salt adds taste, and brings out the flavor in other spices and herbs), and feel free to experiment.  Cooking should be a joyful experience, and one to share with others. … Continue reading